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SVG Product

It is a web-based editor specialized in designing Arabic characters and graphics. It gains unique fonts from Qabas Font Library and provides a wide range of graphics and design solutions including multi-artboards, icons, shapes, motifs, and multilayer output options. The user or designer can export the content to SVG, AI, pdf, and other formats.

3D Product

It is a web-based editor that enables multiple 3D printing shapes to convert Arabic letters into various printable 3D applications in a shorter technique than normality. Multiple shapes, icons, fonts, and drivers are available for 3D designers in this system.

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Launch of Qabas Platform, Qabas Harfi, and Qabas Thulathi

The International Emerging Technology Company (ETCO) has launched the online Qabas Platform and two online editors: Harfi and Thulathi. The...

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